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Club History Archives


Many thanks to Ronnie Heyhoe for scanning files and organising the History of our Club

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Fakenham Queens Rd. School 1952 Mr. Cunliff, M. Duffy, A, Dodman, J. Youngs, J. Grieves, P. Holl, Mr. Mack. Front Row. T. Moore, T. Pearce, D. Bell, C. Bidewell, Mr. Allen, K. Curtis, K.Moyes
Sid Negus, Walter Clifton, Mick Hurren, Gunner Moore, John Chaney, Dave Yarham, Chris Ward, Paul Wastson, John Musgrove, Ray Page, Keith Utting, Clive Scott. Front Row. Keith Styles, Geoff Green, Chris Bidewell, Terry Futter, Derek Drewell, Sid Bray.
Fakenham Minors 1958/59. J. Holder, T. Amos, B. Harvey, B. Andrews, K.Smith, R.Curtis, Front Row. M.Splatt, D. Smith, A. Andrews, K.Utting, R. Andrews
Fakenham Minors 1955. C. Harrison, P. Watson, I. Pearson, J. Goodman, M. Duffy, P. Arlow. Front Row. T. Pearce, G. Dawson, R. Reynolds, D. Bix, D. Bell, J. Youngs
Fakenham Queens Rd School 1954. Mr. Cunliff, Unknown, W. Fisher, Unknown, P. Howell, J. Youngs, B. Mann, R. Allen, Front Row. T. Pearce, R. Thompson, R. Middlemass, J. Howlett, A. Bidewell
Fakenham Town 1960. D. Bacon, R. Allen, S. Negus, S. Moore, B. Smith, E. West. Front Row. T. Pearce, H. Barrett, J. Buckley, C. Bidedwell, M. Fowle, Unknown.
Fakenham Town 1961. T. West, T. Pearce, C. Bidewell, P. Keeley, S. Moore, B. Butcher, P. Wadlow, W. Shepard. Front Row. J. Wright, D. Banson, M.Fowle, R. Allen, P. Watson.
Hempton Swifts 1957. T. Smith, T. Pearce, A. Cook, P. Keeley, T. Cousins, R. Dunger, G. Ridgeway. Front Row. D. Bell, K. Clarke, G.Chivers, W. Chivers, R. Huggins, P. West.
Fakenham Town 1962. S. Baker, K. Utting, P. Crane, C. Bidewell, R. Allen, S. Negus. Front Row. P. Groves, P. Watson, B. Butcher, D. Boulter, T. Pearce.
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