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Respect Barriers

Fakenham Town Youth Fixtures will always have a RESPECT BARRIER so please stand behind this and DO NOT enter the field of play

Designated Spectators’ Areas can be marked by an additional line, the use of cones, a roped-off area or use of a temporary spectators’ barrier.

The areas literally draw the line which spectators should not cross. Research has shown it to have a beneficial impact on the behaviour of spectators and their impact on players and match officials.

The ideal arrangement is to mark out a Designated Spectators’ Area on the opposite side of the pitch to club officials (manager/ coaches etc) for spectators to stand behind. This allows the manager/coaches of both teams to stand on the other side of the pitch, meaning players can better distinguish the advice from their team officials.

The Designated Spectators’ Area should start two metres from the touchline on both sides of the pitch. Each area should run the full length of the pitch. This means no-one should be watching from behind the goals.